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Goodbye to the class of 2020

It is with a heavy heart and a hopeful head that we said goodbye to our Year 13 students who have fought so hard to succeed with their IB qualifications this year (Indeed in any year but 2020 in particular!) and I know that the entire team here wish them all the best in their, no doubt, glorious futures studying, reflecting and producing further balanced versions of themselves continuously.

I started with many of them as Year 8 and am so proud to see them complete their secondary journey and head off with the skills they have learned here at Dulwich College Suzhou.

Here is a brief video showing how we managed to have a proper graduation ceremony while maintaining all the required quarantine efforts to combat against covid-19.

A lesson about every single element on the periodic table

There’s an interesting Ted-Ed video doing the rounds just now which has a lesson about each element on the periodic table. As well as being fun and informative for both teacher and student alike it allows for tailored questioned to be created should the default ones available be of no use for the level you are studying.

The team from the University of Nottingham creating videos and questions about the periodic table

For more background information on this project check out the University of Nottingham’s Periodic Videos team.

Thank you John Burrell for Click4Biology

For over a decade Click4Biology has been an excellent resource for both students and teachers of biology. Changes to the curriculum have made its wonderful creator John Burrell forgo future updates but I just want to leave a note in the Internet’s history to say what brilliant best practise of sharing he has shown.

An alternative site, BioNinja, is a great resource covering many of the aspects of IB Biology.

On the shoulders of giants we peer forward.