Committees & Working Groups

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Collegiality - Vertical and Cross-curricular planning
Collegiality – Vertical and Cross-curricular planning

Please see here for information on my committee involvement at Regent’s School – this page will be updated shortly 🙂

In the meantime, below is an account of my committee involvement at my previous school, Castlemilk High School:

I was Chairperson of the Differentiation Working Group at Castlemilk High School for two years. Our aims were to promote strategies which aid learning and teaching and enable all pupils to access the curriculum. Our greatest success was the development of an online questionnaire for teaching staff which was used as a tool for self-reflection on how differentiation strategies were employed across departments. In my role as chairperson, I invited guest speakers in the field of differentiation educational research to tutor staff on the impact of these strategies on raising attainment at all levels of the curriculum. My role as chairperson was to develop the online questionnaire, to manage meetings, activities, and projects pertaining to the working group, and to communicate effectively with departments and senior management. The questionnaire can be viewed here.

I was the primary teaching staff member of the School board and Parent Council for three years, my participation on which afforded me regular contact with parents and outside agencies, allowing me to understand how the community perceives the school so as to make improvements from their responses. I had an individual responsibility to report back to the group on many whole-school issues, including the teaching staff perspective on Health Promoting Schools.

I was a member of the Education for Work Committee where we focused on improving pupil chances of gaining places on training programmes and securing employment on leaving school.

I was a member of the Raising Boys Attainment Committee, during which year, attainment in boys significantly increased across the school due to the suggestions that were offered to teaching staff.