Continuing Professional Development Record

Through Continual Professional Development activities, my reflections on my work have become more meaningful due to a variety of evolutions in my pedagogical ideals. I am not afraid to take risks and ‘experiment’ with ideas and strategies for learning. I am more competent in designing units of work that truly stretch the understanding of my students in achieving critical thinking, and performances of understanding are effectively aligned with the learning intentions. I am continually communicating educational ideas with other teaching colleagues and professionals in sharing good practice – I regularly talk with teachers from across the globe using online communities and forums.

My aim is for life-long professional growth by continually engaging in activities like this that will maintain my focus as a teacher – to help children learn how to learn.

Please click on the following links entitled Professional Recognition, ESL in the Mainstream, International Baccalaureate PD, LAHC Reviews, and Other CPD Activities for more details.

Looking to the future