Creativity, Action and Service

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Replanting mangroves destroyed by the tsunami of 2004

In my role as IB CAS Coordinator, I am a highly effective manager, leader and member of the Sixth Form Team in developing and leading the revision of the IB curriculum and training staff in the IB philosophy. My main role has been to improve the profile of the CAS program in the school, as advised by the feedback of the last 5 Year IB Review. I have designed and led numerous staff training sessions on CAS during Year Group meetings and staff INSET days. In addition, I have led question-answer sessions during Parent’s Evenings and Induction Days which has promoted and ensured increased parental involvement in CAS.

Please see my presentation for students, staff and parents for IB Induction Day 2010: CAS Intro Induction 2010

I have also developed an excellent working relationship with our Sixth Form Tutors in utilizing their skills and roles as first line Pastoral Care, involving them fully in the progress of their tutees through encouraging an open and transparent line of communication. I have revised and updated many of the administrative systems for monitoring and tracking student progress in CAS, to include the development of a unified and user-friendly ‘WordPress’ blogging facility. These measures have led to a less stressful experience for our students and CAS activity supervisors. Students have shown increased engagement and motivation to record quality reflections of their CAS experiences.  The quality of student self-reflection in CAS has been recognised throughout the school and many teachers are now employing the same techniques in their own classroom practice.

Here is a model of some of the reflection activities and workshops the students have undertaken as part of their CAS program: Learner_Profile_Attributes_Reflection_and_Feedback_Self_Review . For privacy reasons, I am unable to link to the student blogs but I can share examples of the student’s reflections in the following slideshow – I hope this gives you a flavour of how our students begin and continue with their self review of activities.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It has also been my responsibility to develop the CAS ‘Moodle’ intranet, an online file sharing and management system to improve the delivery of the IB curriculum. This has been a huge success and it is planned that this model will be embedded school-wide next year as part of the School Development Plan.

Cant believe you made us do this in the rain, Miss!

I have also established an annual CAS Trip to our school’s outdoor centre on Koh Chang Island where students participate in a variety of physical team-building activities and critical thinking challenges, incorporated into a program of service work with the local Thai community in such places as schools, community centers and temples. The Reflection Workshops that I designed introduce students to this often confusing aspect of the CAS Program. Due to the success of this trip, I was requested to help organize and coordinate a Sixth Form Academic Excursion that focused on preparing students for the all round IB experience with workshops in Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge skills, the University Applications process, CAS, internal assessment and the Group 4 Project.

Not quite getting the point of human impact on the environment(!)
Reflection workshops on the CAS Trip
Preparing team presentations on their active research done on human impact on the environment
Service to the environment in the mangroves of Koh Chang
Really cant believe you made us do this in the rain, Miss!
Relaxing after a hard day of Creativity, Action and Service

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