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St. George's College, Quilmes - Astrobiology IB Group 4 Project 2012... Dr Zoidburg, I presume!
St. George’s College, Quilmes – Astrobiology IB Group 4 Project 2012… Dr Zoidburg, I presume!
St. George's College Quilmes Science Fair 2014
St. George’s College Quilmes Science Fair 2014
An effective team of inspiring, inventive and hard working educators!

I have led aspects of the Science Departmental Development Plan to include the formation of a Marking Policy Working Group focusing on Assessment is for Learning strategies in Science, and in developing a model for monitoring and tracking of student progress to be disseminated across the whole school curriculum as an example of best practice.

Please see the following video I compiled from resources taken from Teachers TV that I used in my training of other colleagues in AiFL techniques:

…and this PDF presentation that I made which outlines the main facets of AiFL techniques:

Formative Assessment (May 2006) Castlemilk High School

I have liaised with my colleagues in Support for Learning and English as a Second Language in planning and implementing a time-line for departmental targets and ensuring the sharing of good practice in assisting ESL students in mainstream education.

It has been my responsibility to embed the Round Square philosophy into the Science curriculum as Cross-Curricular and Primary-Secondary Liaison Coordinator. In this role, I developed an environmentalism course for Key Stage 3 Science with over 150 students gaining practical experience of the curriculum in agricultural activities outside of the classroom. This holistic program is now embedded in our Round Square, departmental and whole-school development plans.

I have developed resources for teaching and assessment of the IB Biology course and am currently designing an effective online file sharing and management system using ‘Moodle’, ‘WordPress’ and ‘Dropbox’ to improve the delivery of the IB curriculum in Science.

Based on feedback given by the IB, I have been integral in promoting improvements in attainment in internal assessment by organizing a Biology-Geography Fieldtrip to Koh Chang Island where students engaged in cross-curricular ecological investigations.

Investigating the relationship between directional sunlight and leaf area in evaluating the limiting factors of photosynthesis
Investigating environmental effects on the distribution of sea snails using statistical analysis

I have developed a package of resources for teaching a new project-focused curriculum for lower secondary science, designed to give Year 9 students a flavour of the IGCSE Science course.

I have also been an Extended Essay Supervisor in IB Biology to 6 candidates over the past 2 years.

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