Principles & Perspectives

Keeping up to date with Educational Research is an integral part of my professional development and the subsequent impact on learning and teaching. I use the following websites regularly, amongst others, to receive regular email updates on research developments, and am a member of many online forums where I can share experiences with other teachers worldwide.

In no particular order:

Latin American Heads Conference – School Reviews


General Teaching Council for Scotland

Harvard Graduate School of Education Alumni – where I gained my Professional Recognition status through the excellent postgraduate course ‘Teaching for Understanding’

IB Clever – a good forum to pass ideas and resources around from PYP to DP

National Geographic – inspirational for Biology teachers and students

International Baccalaureate Organisation

University of Cambridge International Examinations

Creative Commons – committed to fair open source sharing of resources online

UPD8 – some excellent science debating resources!


The Round Square Organisation

TED – inspirational talks on all global issues, can be used as a great lesson starter or course through-line to get kids critically thinking

United Nations Foundation

Federation of British Schools in South East Asia

The Council of International Schools

Slide Share – a great resource of educational PowerPoints to be used as stimulating visual aids to your teaching

Science Video Resources – EXCELLENT site constructed by a highly qualified IB Biology teacher willing to share his plethora of excellent resources for teaching and learning – the best IB Biology resource out there!

Scottish Qualifications Authority

English National Curriculum

International Development Association – very topical and useful for stimulating critical thinking

BBC World News

A Curriculum for Excellence (LTS) – recently developed in Scotland, UK and designed to de-clutter the curriculum and get back to teaching and learning science skills rather than science fact

CfBT Education Trust

World Bank

The Scottish Learning Festival

Learning and Teaching Scotland

Teacher’s TV – great for vidz but only accessible from the UK

TeacherNet – another great forum

Times Educational Supplement

Curriki – open source forum, also used by students

Assessment is for Learning

National Education Research Forum

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education

The Scottish Executive

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