My professionalism as an educator, colleague, and leader is paramount to the success of my students in both their attainment and achievement and to the success of the school community.

In this section, I’d like to share with you examples of how I believe my leadership as a Head of Science and my teaching improves the opportunities for my students to succeed through an education that is motivating and challenging, diverse and meaningful, and responsible and accountable.

Please see the Knowledge and Understanding, Skills and Abilities, Values and Personal Commitment, and Continuing Professional Development for more info.

The inspiration of Pangandaran Beach on Java, Indonesia

“Highly creative, experienced and qualified teacher with an outstanding passion for her subject and pedagogical practice; through effective use of diverse teaching models, students are actively engaged and motivated, enjoying a meaningful and challenging learning environment; highly effective in identifying individual learning needs and in designing comprehensive and innovative schemes of work; highly skilled in the use of ICT to improve learning; a reflective and accountable professional who builds and fosters relationships of mutual value and respect; an inspiring and dedicated manager and leader who actively drives forward positive change; described by other professionals as “a remarkable leader, a valued and valuable member of the team and a model of excellent practice for other colleagues to follow”.”


Assessment is for Learning – ESL and Differentiated Learning – Continuous Professional Development – Leadership and organisation – Questioning techniques – Cross and Vertical Curriculum Planning – Diagnostic assessment techniques – Management of learning – ICT in Education – Holistic Education and Learning outside the classroom – Reflective Practice – Gifted and Talented – Internationalism and Global Citizenship Education

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