Teaching Philosophy

I believe I demonstrate a commitment to social justice and inclusion, a responsibility for my own professional learning and development, and that I am an active partner in the community. I was inspired to teach when I participated in a youth expedition to Kenya where I helped to build a school in a small township north of Nairobi. It was during this experience that I realised how education can influence the lives of young people and I have since devoted myself to training in this field.

I am a professional in all aspects of my career as a teacher. I work hard to instil an ethos of the school environment as a place of a broad holistic education that will prepare young people to make a positive impact on society. As a teacher and professional, I insist on high standards at all times and set an example for the students in my care. My involvement in many whole school activities serves to enhance my positive relationship with students and staff, and is beneficial for the classroom ethos and thus for effective learning. I am always thrilled to see the real sense of achievement and responsibility that these activities inspire in my students.

Service without judgement

I aim to develop resources that really work to challenge, stimulate and motivate my students to understand and learn better and to take ownership of their life-long learning. I firmly believe learning is most effective when done through shared experiences. As such, I employ a variety of progressive teaching styles and techniques to include those with specific learning difficulties, as well as being aware of the impact of gender in learning. I am not afraid to take risks and ‘experiment’ with ideas and strategies. I design and evaluate learning experiences that truly stretch my students to achieve critical thinking, where performances of understanding are effectively aligned with the learning intentions and reflection on learning is meaningful.

I keenly use the results of student assessment to assist in the evaluation of my own performance, reflecting on lessons taught with a view to developing my skills. Through this, I believe I deliver an education that is of a high quality and is accountable.  Through Continual Professional Development activities, my reflections on my work have become more meaningful due to a variety of evolutions in my pedagogical ideals. I am continually communicating educational ideas with other teaching colleagues and professionals to promote sharing of good practice.

My aim is for life-long professional growth by continually engaging in activities that will maintain my focus as a teacher – to help children learn how to learn.

Education without borders