…and learning!

I have been exceptionally fortunate to have been guided and inspired by brilliant teachers and colleagues throughout my teaching experience.

I have witnessed the creative energy and passion of many teachers – from those working in Kenyan slums with little resources but a belly full of determination for their students to succeed, to holistic educators of privileged kids who have inspired their students to be active participants in their wider communities and to be deeply aware of social justice and the right to an education for all.

If we succeed as educators at all, surely it is in guiding our students to learn how to learn?

To pass on positive experiences to others, to strive for continual personal growth and to make positive contributions to their local, national and global communities.

In this section, I hope to highlight the many people, organisations and institutions I have worked with who have done just that.

Please see my Teaching Philosophy, Qualifications and Teaching Experience for more info.


Father Joe and Khun Usanee of The Human Development Foundation, Bangkok - they devote their lives to ensuring opportunities for the poorest of kids in the Bangkok slum, Klong Toei

Please see here for more info on Father Joe and the superb work of ‘The Mercy Centre‘ at the Human Development Foundation, Bangkok, Thailand.

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