The Croft

I was Secretary to the Croft Committee for three years and led pupil groups to the Croft for five years.

The Croft is a house owned by Castlemilk High School and is situated in Gairloch, Wester Ross, Scotland. It was donated to the school by a member of the Castlemilk Community with the purpose of broadening pupil horizons and skills. The aim of the Croft committee is to provide a safe, happy and homely environment for the pupils of Castlemilk High when participating in team-building breaks and Study Weeks. The Croft is an opportunity for pupils to build lifelong friendships, learn life skills including house-keeping and organising activities, to learn how to be team players and take responsibility, and most importantly to realise their potential as young citizens. For many of the pupils, their time at the Croft is seen as a liberating and challenging holiday where they can explore a world outside of Castlemilk, particularly given the breathtaking landscapes that Wester Ross has to offer.

The Croft, situated onthe beautiful west coast of Scotland near Gairloch

Leading Croft groups was of great benefit to me on return to school life in that I established positive and long-lasting relationships with the pupils in my care. It entailed huge responsibility in terms of organisation and decision making, from the itinerary, rotas and pupil responsibilities to Health and Safety.

My duties as Croft secretary included writing the agenda and minute of meetings, writing and presenting the Annual General Report to the whole staff, organising the audits of the Croft accounts and taking charge of email and paper communications pertaining to the Croft.

My role on the Croft committee also included repair and upkeep of the Croft throughout the year, fundraising, and liaising with Enterprise and Education officers.

Sunset over the west coast